Welcome, and the meaning of "Danger"

Hello world!

My name is Nick "Danger" Weingartner, and I'd like to (1) thank you for coming here and (2) explain to you where "Danger" came from.

No, I did not nickname myself Danger. It was added upon my name by forces out of control. It's actually a long story. Or that's at least how I start telling it.

It started by me making a joke. I made a joke to my brother John, where I told him my middle name was Danger. It was a innocent joke (I mean, who doesn't tell someone their middle name is Danger at some point?) and we laughed for a moment, then went on living our lives. Or so I thought.

Upon meeting a group of girls at a conference later that week, we all said "Hi" and introduced ourselves. An awkward silence that marks the lull of conversation then fell upon us. It was then where John decided to tell this group of females that my middle name was actually "Danger". They laughed at the joke, then went on living their lives as well. It was at this point it became an inside joke to my close friends and I, and that was where it stayed.
Months passed, and "Danger" lay dormant. Then I went to college.
Freshman year can be quite intimidating. There is an unspoken pressure for everyone to talk to everyone, even if there is nothing to be said. It was at one of these "conversations" in which "Danger" was brought out of its underground lair.

I went upstairs in my hall to meet my RA, Mike. He was (and is) a good guy, but after introducing ourselves, we didn't have much to talk about. I then (maybe out of nervousness, or just desire to end awkwardness) I told him that my middle name was "Danger". He thought this was funny. This was when "Danger" took off.

We went to film club together. He (being a senior) introduced my to everyone. As "Danger". 
After meeting a number of people, I went to the head of production for films at the time to tell him my intent on making a film that semester. He asked for my name. I said "Nick". Mike walked by at that moment, and said "Danger". Kyle then wrote down "Nick Danger". 

He went to the executive board to talk about my film. He told them my name was "Nick Danger". They voted on it, deciding only to call me by this name. Everyone I met from that point on knew me as "Nick Danger". In fact, I believe that the majority of people don't actually know what my last name is.

So, that's how my name became Nick Danger.

This blog will be my thoughts on anything and everything under the sun.

I hope you like it.

Thanks for coming.

And keep checking in.
     Peace & Love,
        Nick "Danger" Weingartner

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