A Meditation on Water

So last night I was watching some of the Beijing '08 Opening Olympic Ceremony. Some commentator was talking about Chinese Philosophy and symbolism in the performance, and quoted something along these lines:

"A good life is lead like water, constantly flowing and moving away from resistance."

I was (and am) like, "damn, that's deep" (no pun intended). But I started putting some thought into it and it seemed pretty enlightening.

Maybe going with the flow is always the best thing to do. Water never questions where it's going, but always ends up where it needs to be. As said earlier, it moves away from resistance, which doesn't seem like a bad thing at all. Who wants conflict?

But you could always argue that sometimes conflict is good and needed, and sometimes going with the flow might be the wrong thing to do. Sometimes you just have to Carpe Diem it up.

I don't know, and don't have a solid answer. I'm still living and trying to figure it out for myself.

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ChristinaLeigh said...

Water is not a good symbol to compare life to. Water can lead just as well as it can follow. It can give, yet also take.

love your blog,