Sorry, All.

Hey everyone-

I apologize for my lack of posting during the last few weeks. I'm ramping up to go back to school and things get a little hectic. But I wanted to thank all of my loyal readers and give you somethings to look forward to while I get ready to begin the new school year.

1. AWESOME NEW BLOGS- including (maybe or maybe not) how Olympic Gymnastics is sometimes rigged, God and the War in Iraq, and the Existence of Free Will. They'll all be a-coming soon.

2. AWESOME RADIO SHOW- That's right! I'll be back on air coming in the fall, spinning records and talking philosophy. If your in the new york city / long island area's you can tune in on 88.7 FM, and if not you can listen on anywhere around the world! As soon as things are solidified I will be announcing the day and time of my bi-weekly show!

3. AWESOME FILMS- My last film, "When the Tin Man Need's A Heart" is in its last finalization stages and will be premiering at the HFC film festival in the fall. I will also begin production on a new short film in the coming months, one of which I will keep you in the dark about now... but I'll tell you it's much different then all of my past one.


So see, there are things to look forward too! Keep checking back and I'll let you in on the information as it comes.

I love you all!

-Nick Danger

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