Was Jesus a Liberal?

You can basically boil down all people into three groups (especially when applied to politics): People who want change, People that don't, and People that don't give a damn. When applied to politics, it translates into: the people who want change = liberals, people that don't = conservatives, people that don't give a damn = Canadians.

Barrack Obama is a liberal, George Bush is not. Journalists are liberals, the corporations that publish them are not.

Jesus was a liberal, and the people who killed him were not.

Now this does not mean that I'm saying that conservatives killed Jesus. That's ridiculous. I'm just saying that if Jesus and the people at that time were tested by this theory, Jesus would be the person that wanted change, and the people that killed him didn't.

Now, would Jesus be a democrat? I don't know. But he was revolutionary for his time, preaching to the poor and sinners instead of the rich and "Pius", preaching equal rights to women, and speaking out against capital punishment ('let him with no sin cast the first stone'). 

Sounds a lot like what the democratic party stands for today, eh? 

But I really have no place to say what Jesus would do, or how he would vote, or if he would even support a party over another. But it is interesting that most Christians consider themselves conservative, when Jesus was honestly one the most liberal people to have ever graced this planet. 

And, as a Christian, if your supposed to model you life after him, wouldn't it seem like you would want it too?


Mikey G said...

I totally agree. It is funny How Most Christians call themselves conservative. I Wonder if Jesus would agree with eather party. what if he made his own party?! No dout he would be liberal. I also wonder how many Christians would oppose him and deny him for being that way.

Evan said...

I dont think Jesus would agree with the democrats killing babies! Good post nick def a fav from you!

Alex Stenman said...

ha i know this blog was posted awhile ago but i found it interesting so i decided to comment on it.
Conservatives don't not like change. Traditionalists don't like change. A stereotype of conservatives is that they don't like change. A lot of conservatives even consider themselves conservatives because they don't like change. really the core belief of conservatism is that a big government is bad.

Now would jesus be a liberal or a conservative? i think their are serious flaws with both parites that jesus would not agree with.

bottom line is, one can not catagorize something so perfect into a system that is so flawed.

love you man, when are you coming back to visit??