God & The Government : Part One - God & The Legislative Branch

The Government is not God, and God is not the Government.

These are two basic facts that one needs to understand before arguing the topic. You don't worship the Government, and the Government doesn't worship God.

In fact, the United States Government is founded on several ideals, one of them being in the separation of church and state.

God has no place in lawmaking.

Though, in a country like ours (Center-Right Based) many feel like it should be. They feel like our countries laws should adhere to their religious morals. And here's why:

1. Not everyone believes in the same God that you do, or even God at all.

America was founded on the ideals of religious freedom. It's first European settlers came here to avoid religious persecution. People were forcing their religion on them, and they left to avoid that. Isn't infusing your religion with the law forcing your moral judgements onto others? Is that not what the Pilgrims were avoiding?

People have the right to follow their own moral beliefs, whether they fall under your religion or another, or no religion at all. And when lawmaking merges with a single religious viewpoint, you are infringing upon the freedom of religion of others; and that is wrong.

2. Government operates better without God involved.

Look at history; religious states are always temporal and rather oppressive. I mean, look at the middle east now- extreme beliefs associated with the most conservative forms of Islam are being forced upon the entire country- and we are fighting to relieve them of that. Why aren't we fighting the same battle at home.

3. The more religion merges with politics, the more we lose our individual freedom.

We are the "Land of the free", right? Fighting to outlaw or enact laws for things that correspond with one group of people considered taking away the rights of others?


Yet, even with the points above, people still argue against it.

Here are some arguments and myths people cling too.

1. But America was founded on Judea-Christian Values, and the Founding Fathers would have wanted it this way.

This is untrue. The founding fathers first of all, wrote the constitution the way they wanted America to be: Nothing more and nothing less. We are a country founded on a document, and that document doesn't permit the merge of Church and State.

Plus, it is also important to know that the founding fathers were deists. In large, from my understanding, they believed that God created earth, but then left it to it's own devices. Think about that.

2. But my Religion is right.

No, it's not. It is only right to those that follow it and to no one else. No one is taking away your right to believe your religion is right, just asking for you not to take away theirs.


Therefore, the chasm between Religion and Lawmaking should remain and in fact be further opened. The two are fine on their own, but they were not designed to be bridged. Every person has the right to follow their own religion, but no person has the right to force that religion onto others.

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