The philosophy of Everclear

Remember Everclear?

I'm pretty sure they were a big hit a few years back with songs like "Wonderful",  "Father of Mine" and "I Will Buy You a New Life" . They're still around and all, but I don't think anyones really heard of them for awhile.

I was listening to their album So Much for the Afterglow and was jamming out to the major single of the album - "I Will Buy You a New Life" - and one of the lines really struck a chord with me and made me start thinking.

 "I hate those people who love to tell you / Money is the root of all that kills / They have never been poor / They have never had the joy of a welfare christmas"

This made me think a lot. He goes on to say how he will buy us a new garden, a new car, a new house (up in the west hills!) and overall, buy us a new life.

But it was that line that stuck with me after the song ran out.

I have never been on welfare. I've been pretty forunate in my life and my family has had its struggles, but never to that point. And thoughout my life, I can't tell you how many times I heard that "money was the root of all evil" - enough times to brand it into my conciousness.

But is it?

It's true, money can lead to a lot of bad things. A lot of the problems in the world involve money - this fact is undeniable. But after thinking upon it, I realized something.

Money isn't the root of evil, Greed is.

It's greed that fucks us up, not money. When money consumes your life, it isn't the actual money that's doing that, it's the greed. Money isn't evil.

And to someone whose family struggles with financial issues, it must be hell to hear that what your being denied of is evil- and therefore implying that it's good you don't have it.

Like I said, I never experienced the "joy" of a welfare christmas, but I'm starting to begin to understand it.

So, thank you Everclear. I hope you come back into the spotlight someday.

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