Why I Enjoy Metal Music

So, as my roommates must know, I sometimes like to indulge in music of the metal genre.

After as few instances of my rocking out, one of my roommates told me that he could not understand why people liked listening to it.

This is my response and reasoning to that.

So, first of all, Metal vocalists do not have beautiful voices, or really any voices at all. This usually comes up first in such a debate, for many don't understand how listening to a man (or woman) scream can be pleasing to the ears.

Well, it's not the voice that us Metal listeners are enjoying.

It's the feel of the music (at least for me).

The musicianship in metal is amazing. Metal houses some of the best guitarists and drummers of all time- but this fact is only vaguely recognized by few. Their techinical prowess and artistic ability are often passed by during critical analysis by music critics, and this is once again because of the nature of the music. And it is the nature of the music I like, and it is for this reason;

Metal makes me want to move.

Few genres make people react more physically than that of metal. A breakdown can make you jump around and break things- even when your not angry. This is probably one of the only types of music that can do this.

Even as I write this, I am constantly breaking away from the keyboard to air guitar and hand bang, listening to an old local band called BYNOMEANS.

I listen to the music not because it is distinctly pleasing to the ear, but because it is not - and this is what makes it pleasing to the ear.

I realize what I just said is somewhat confusing, but what I mean is the un-listenability of it is what makes it listenable.

Think about that, you metal haters.

Maybe its not for everyone, but it is for a few. And I am one of those few.

And my roommate just closed his door.

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