Sunday Genius: Genius #1 - Thom Yorke

Hey all,
   Since there's been such a response to the blog (which I thank you all so much for!), I decided to start posting on the one day of the week where I don't normally post, Sundays, just because I love you all so much.
   When I was thinking about what to post, I thought it'd be neat to do a Sunday series of sorts called "Sunday Genius" where each week I'd post about someone who I thought deserved the title of genius.
   And this week- it's Thom Yorke.

Thom Yorke is the leader and perhaps key songwriter for the band Radiohead. As a band they have released 7 studio albums; including landmark albums such as "OK Computer", "Kid A", "The Bends" and their latest "In Raindows". ON TOP OF THIS, Mr. Yorke has also released a solo album called "The Eraser" which is also pretty brilliant.

It's not clear if he is or isn't the key songwriter in Radiohead because all the songs are credited to the band; but through reading and listening to all the interviews I could- it pretty much seems that way.

Pushing the band to their limits, they create music that hasn't been heard before, and start the music trend years before it would of ever arrived. Coldplay's Chris Martin has even said that he "owes [coldplay's] career to [Radiohead]".

Check out their albums, and you can see what I mean. With "Pablo Honey" they changed the English music scene from Brit-pop to more grunge, with "The Bends" they created Coldplay, with "OK Computer" they set the standard for 90's rock, and with "Kid A" they created some of maybe the only truly original music created in the past decade or two.

So, Thom Yorke, I'd like to say you're "NickDangerNow.Com"s first Sunday Genius.

Congrats Thom.

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