Sunday Genius: Genius #3 - Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a hell-of-a genius. He bought and sold, negoitatied and stole his way all the way to the top. He may be the only reason why our country had a federal surplus in the 1990s.

I've been obsessed with Gates and Jobs and the Personal Computer Revolution since I was very young- and this mostly has to do with a little film that little or no people have seen - called "Pirates of Silicon Valley". It's a 'docu-drama' both attempting historically actuaturate and dramatizeing the experience.

And it's one of the few movies I may have seen 50+ times, at least. And it's still awesome each time.

Where Jobs is an artist, Gates is just a genius. He sold IBM an operating system he didn't have, and used their egotism against them and kept the rights to it and liscenced it to other competitors.

Bill Gates is basically the shiz-nat.

PS, check out the movie - and tell me if you love it to. Buy it HERE. And believe me, it's worth it to just buy it.

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