"Watchmen" Remains Un-filmable

It's 3:27 AM and I just got back from seeing Watchmen.

And I thought it was okay.

Now, it wasn't bad, but it was just okay. Okay, maybe it was just good. But either way it wasn't great.

Zack Snyder takes Alan Moore fantastic world and translates it almost directly to the screen- and fills it with everything from prolonged fight scenes to prolonged sex scenes to make fan boys cheer. 

To me, it feels like something was lost in Watchmen and that to me proves that Alan Moore did in fact accomplish what he wanted - he made a graphic novel that wasn't just a storyboard for a movie.

I'd probably write more tonight, probably about how the other directors previously attached could have done a better (or at least different) job - Terry Gilliam, Darren Aronofsky, and Paul Greengrass - but I'm mad tired and I've got to make it to class tomorrow.

But hey, I'll be seeing it again tomorrow night - in less than 24 hours - so maybe my opinion will change.

But until then, Goodnight and Good Morning, and thanks for stopping by.



dsl89 said...

I thought it was pretty good myself. There was a lot that was unnecessary (slow-motion, even if it was sparingly shouldn't have been used at all...the violence was a little much...this isn't a story about violence...and yeah, the sex scene in Archie was a little bit over-the-top) but I thought Snyder did what he could do. I mean, the story is so big and'll be interesting to see what the director's cut is like.

Nick "Danger" Weingartner said...

yeah i feel you. the directors cut is probably going to be better -- even though it'll probably end up like around 4 hours haha. and I agree about the violence -- it's not so much a superhero movie and rather a movie about superheros - and i felt like the essence of the novel was kinda lost in the movie.
But I did see it again last night (I came home, my friends had wanted to see it) and it was a bitter better the second time, if that makes a difference. I just would have loved to see what Gilliam or Aronofsky would have done with it