Tonight, I will be seeing Watchmen at midnight.

I can't tell you how excited I am. I love the thrill of seeing a midnight showing; let alone one of a movie that I'm mad excited for.

So far I've seen Iron Man at midnight (which was amazing, and lead me to drive home and watch it again within a 24 hour period in a different state), and The Dark Knight (which I got too like 3 hours early to wait with my friend Mikey and sit and become the first in our theatre to enter). 

Both were amazing not only because of the movie, but because of the crowd. People who really want to see a movie see it at midnight, and because of that everyone in that theater is excited and wants to be there- and the energy is amazing.

So as I prepare myself for a midnight feeding of the greatest graphic novel of all time written by a snake-worshipping genius (see my first post from back in August "The Nature of Authorship... And Snake Worshipping" to see more!) to a group of fan boys (see the movie Fan Boys), I share my excitement with all of you.

Check in tomorrow to see my reaction to the film and the theater!

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