Why Everyone Should See "The Wackness"

So, everyone should see The Wackness.

I just saw it again last night, and it reminded me how much I absolutely love it. For all I say about The Dark Knight and the Oscars, I mean just the same for The Wackness - should of been nominated for everything (and the wackness should of won best original screenplay).

Telling the story of Luke Shipiro (Josh Peck), and his summer before college in NYC 1994, there is an amazing range of characters. His shrink, Dr. Squires (SIR BEN KINGSLEY) treats him, but in payment of pot (Luke is a pot dealer, did I mention that?), and Luke falls in love with his stepdaughter Steph (Olivia Thribly), and the three interact in the hot city summer.

Shot amazingly, it takes full advantage of its use of film - and the film feels like a mixtape from 94. Jonathan Levine directs the shit out of it, with the slang never sounding more natural.

I seriously am in love with this film, so much so that it's made its way into my top 5 movies of all time.

Go get it on DVD now, you'll thank me later.

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