"I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell"

After I read books, I always write in the back (with the exception of classic hardcovers) the exact time, date, and place I finished them, and my thoughts on them.

These are my notes after I read I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max:

"Book Finished 3:44 / 3:45 PM on Weds., 4/29/09, [hall name] at Hofstra, NY.
   Thoughts-> Tucker Max is potentially the worse person to have ever lived (discounting Hitler, murders, and actual killers) so I guess he is the worse non-law breaker in history.

   That being said, this book is hilarious & addicting, but still makes me thank God that people exist that aren't him. He makes me never want to drink/smoke again, and wait until marriage for sex."

That's what I wrote. This book made me laugh out loud many times, but also made me disgusted about every 6 words.

So check it out if your up for it, but if you aren't, stay away.


Is the Internet Awesome?

So I searched "Internet Awesome" and found this site.

It's for some company that does some thing - not totally sure, but its a cool marketing idea.

Thought I'd pass it on to you guys.



Apologizing for the Missed Posts!

Hey all,
  I have very little time to write right this second, but I just wanted to apologize for not posting so much this weekend - its the first time I missed in a while and it makes me sad inside. I did do some very awesome things though in the time spent and can't wait to write about them.

But for now, I must rest, and I'll write tomorrow.



Angry German Kid

Seriously, this kid needs to chill.


I can't tell if I'm amused or a bit disturbed.

(He may or not be an actor, but I'm not sure.)


Comtemplating a World Currency

With Europe already achieving in the creation of the Euro, and Former Mexican President Vincente Fox fighting for the Amero, how long will it take until the world comes under a single currency?

It's impossible to tell. But how would it effect us?

Currently, values of different types of money go up and down and effect everyone else. When the American dollar drops in value, so does the Canadian, Mexican and Japanese (usually) and when we travel we constantly have to change our money for their money and vice versa.

But if we operate in a world economy, what would be the harm of having a world currency? It seems as though it wouldn't hurt anyone, and it would probably stabilize the world economically for a bit, and keep countries all over the world from risking inflation.

One of my professors had talked about a time in Germany right before the Nazi Regime, where the German dollar was almost worthless, and it would cost hundreds of them just to reach the value for a loaf of bread.

This would of never occurred if it had been under world currency, and perhaps then the German people wouldn't have been exploited so much by Hitler, which would of had an effect on our world history as we know it.

Now, I'm not saying WW2 happened because we didn't share the same currency - that would be ridiculous. But I do think in a time where the American dollar is dropping in value daily, that we consider the option of establishing such a currency, or at least talk about it a bit.


Book Selections

Hey all,

I thought I'd post about books for awhile; a few I'm working on reading, a few of my favorites, and a few of my suggestions for ya'll to take a look at.

Books I'm Working On:
1. Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 - Hunter S. Thompson
2. The Motorcycle Diaries - Ernesto 'Che' Guevara
3. A Million Little Pieces - James Frey

Book I soon Hope to be Working On:
1. Tapping the Source - Kem Nunn
2. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell - Tucker Max
3. Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpeteners and Seymour: An Introduction - J.D Salinger
4. The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
5. The Heart Breaking Work of a Staggering Genius - Dave Eggers

Some of My Favorites:
1. West of Jesus - Steven Kotler
2. Catcher in the Rye - J.D Salinger
3. Everything by Chuck Klosterman
4. Into The Wild - Jon Krakauer
5. The Unbearable Lightness of Being - Milan Kundrea

Current Suggestions:
1. Franny and Zooey - JD Salinger
2. Yes Man - Danny Wallace
3. Fargo Rock City - Chuck Klosterman
4. Choke - Chuck Palachniuk
5. Rebels on the Backlot - Sharon Waxman



Paper-ed Out

This past weekend I spent in the library doing a 10-20 page paper on America's Health Care System and it's effect on the economy.

Afterwards I studied and took a French Test.

Before that I had to hand splice a black and white film for a film production class.

And I'm paper-ed out, and my allergies are killing me.

So I apologize for this short post, but I my mind is no longer functioning on a writing basis for this short time being, but tomorrow I will be back with a post about how I may be living in the worst place to have allergies ever.

And maybe after that on how I'm addicted to HOUSE.

Until then,
   Nick Danger.


"Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson"

This movie is amazing.

I saw it a few weeks/months ago when I was back home, and I've been thinking about it every since.

Hunter S. Thompson was one crazy bitch. The guy lead an amazing life, and is in a way someone to be revered, and someone to be pitied - and this documentary catches it all perfectly.

Watch the trailer, rent the movie, and tell me what you think.

You'll at the very least have a new found love for journalism.


Sunday Genius #4 : Jeff Magnum

One day, I'll write more in-depth about how much of a genius Jeff Magnum of Neutral Milk Hotel is.

But for now, just listen to this song - "Little Birds" - it's the only recording of it and is the only known song that he wrote and played in public after In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - which is one of the best albums ever written.


Adventureland Phone Review!

Hey all,

Recently, I guest-starred on my friend Alex Stenman's Video Blog, doing an in-depth phone review of Adventureland which is now posted on his blog.

Check it OUT!

Stenman's video blog is great and I highly recommend you check it out more often!


"Naked" Review

No, I am not naked while writing this review.

But instead I'm reviewing a book I recently read, called Naked written by David Sedaris.

Naked is a memoir of sorts, with each chapter being akin to a different essay written on a specific incident, or series of incidents, in Sedaris' life.

It's pretty funny. The author hitchhikes America with a quadriplegic companion, spends his childhood shaking his head as fast as he can to get a headache (among other things, like licking windshields and making high pitched noises for no reason), gets bit by a naked old woman on the first day of his new job at a mental asylum, picks apples in Oregon and in doing so mistakenly befriends a creepy man named Curly who has dozens of fake penises in his room, and so on.

It's full of stories like these, but the book lacked a certain linear quality for me.

I love books of essays, and I love books with full stories - but as this was advertised as a memoir, rather than a book of essays (like his first - Barrel Fever) I felt like something was missing.

Not to mention the author has a habit of leaving us with annoying cliffhangers - or more like stories that just end. When you read 20-30 pages of a essay-like story, and the author just ends it with a cliffhanger, it's annoying as hell.

One other thing that bothered me about the book,  was the graphic description of sex. Sedaris is gay, which is totally cool, but in the book provides a little to much description about sex acts - one line being "a fistful of flesh" comes to mind, which would be nasty in any context - and an incident where he talks of attempting to masturbate to the image of a young man outside (while staying at a nudist colony in Pennsylvania). Acknowledging these events is fine, and story-serving, but his description is to the point where it could probably make any reader uncomfortable.

But on that note, the book is still pretty funny, and is a good read if you need to pass sometime. I wouldn't read it again, but then again there are few books I would, but if you've got sometime to kill and want to laugh a bit - check it out.


"Franny and Zooey" Review

So, I'm a little behind on the times.

I just finished reading a few books while away; and one of them was J.D Salinger's Franny and Zooey.

Published in 1961, the "novel" consists of a short story named "Franny" and a novella named "Zooey". The two are title characters, and Franny ends up playing a major role in the Zooey portion of the text.

Franny and Zooey revolves around the Glass family, a fictional family in which many Salinger short stories are based on. The family is a family of almost geniuses, with 3 brothers, 2 sisters and an eccentric mother.

Franny and Zooey was great. I have to admit, earlier this year was I finally read The Catcher in the Rye, and like most - I loved it. But Franny and Zooey is much different from Catcher, from the telling of the story (Catcher in first person, Franny and Zooey in third) and though they both smell of Salinger's classic Teen Angst, Franny and Zooey reaches higher philosophical aspirations that Catcher does.

That being said, I still like Catcher more.

But I highly recommend Franny and Zooey not only to Salinger regulars, but to anyone really. It's simply a great book, and Salinger is simply a great writer.

So check it out - it'll be worth your time.

Jeff Magnum Is a Genius

As you might have already heard - I'm a huge fan of Neutral Milk Hotel.

I happen to think that they're second album, In an Aeroplane Over the Sea, is one of the greatest ever written, and I've just got ahold of they're first - On Avery Island - and it's also awesome.

Recently I've been searching youtube for different live performances Jeff has done, and I keep running into songs that I've never heard - they're probably from one of the many demos / EPs / maybe LPs he recorded before On Avery Island and only released to friends.

But I ran into this song - "My Dream Girl Don't Exist" - and it's absouletly amazing. I think it's a companion song to one of the songs on In an Aeroplane Over the Sea - "Ghost" if I'm correct - as they share a line and melody towards the end, and he says it's is a companion to a song on the album before he performs as well.

Check it out HERE on youtube.

and PS, Mr. Magnum, if you happen to be reading this, please come out of wherever you are currently hiding and release some new music.



I know I might be late on this, but if you haven't already heard of Jaydiohead - you need too.

Mixed by Max Tannone (formerly known as Minty Fresh Productions), the album mixes Jay-Z's words with Radiohead's music.

Reminiscent of course of DJ Danger Mouse's The Grey Album, which mixed Jay-Z's Black Album with The Beatles White Album, it brought the mash-up genre into the limelight, and they have since remained in the public eye with acts like Girl Talk, an artist whose music is entirely made of other peoples music.

Tannone's mix brilliantly marries the two artists beautifully, however opposed their music was to each other's before.

And the best part is, like most mash-ups, it's free.

So Download Max Tennone's Jaydiohead HERE.

And while your at it, download Girl Talk's most recently (and arguably best) album, Feed the Animals - HERE.

And, what the hell, get Danger Mouse's The Grey Album too. HERE it is. This one is harder to get off the internet because The Beatles are probably still pissed about it.

Happy Listening!

-Nick Danger


I'm Back! - Nick's Trip to Curaçao

Hey all, I just arrived back from an amazing trip to the island of Curaçao in the Netherlands Antillies!

It was awesome. Just 45 miles off the coast of Venezuela, it was warm as hell - which is a great change for someone based out of New York.

The island isn't as well known as it's Dutch counterparts- Aruba and Bonaire - and I'm not totally sure why. Inhabited by only 140,796 people (Thank you, Wikipedia), it is the largest of the ABC islands, with 144 square miles (thanks again) of space.

The largest city/town on the island is Williamsted, which is oddly more European than you'd assume. With a floating bridge, alleyway shopping and Amsterdam-style Cafes, it's obviously that the Dutch haven't left the island out to dry.

Half (or probably more) of the tourists there were Dutch, and from this I have deduced I will never be able to speak they're language.

But the cool thing about Curaçao and the other ABC islands is that they speak a language entirely unique - Papiamentu (or Papiamento, in Aruba) which is a combination of English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Indian Tounges, which linguistically dates them back to all of the countries that have settled there throughout history.

The island is beautiful. My family and I rented out a Jeep Wrangler (all the tourists get white ones, so I guess people knew what was coming when we started driving) and gave the island a tour.

Once you leave the more heavily populated area of Williamsted, the island is almost empty. The hills and terrain roll for uninterrupted miles and the beaches are very secluded. In fact, we may have found treasure on one of them (looks like a silver Galleon or something, but it could defiantly be fake) and the people were great.

Overall, the island seemed to be a combination of the Caribbean, Europe, and it's landscape reminded me a lot of Hawaii - specifically the islands of Maui and Kaua'i.

The only downside is that prostitution is legal there, and according to my wikipedia search, the island holds the largest open-air brothel of the entire Caribbean.

But I never saw it, and I think we only saw one prostitute, which is good.

Oh, and the drinking age is 18, and they import a brand of bear called Polar from Venezuela, and it's awesome.

So overall, my trip to Curaçao was great. I suggest the island to any and all travelers interested in the Caribbean.


This is Just Scary (Nick's Picks for Pix #10)

How much did he get payed to model for this?



Double Face! (Nick's Picks for Pix #8)

As I'm scared of the back of this guy's head, I'm still amazed by the fact he has a head-stache.



Too Many Hemingways (Nick's Picks for Pix #7)

It's alot of work to grow a beard - think about that. Oh, and that dude's medal is much more than a medal- it's a frisbee made of steel.



A Book I'm Afraid to Read (Nick's Picks for Pix #6)

Let's be honest - it's probably awesome. Or at least concerning.



The Jaws of Life (Nick's Picks for Pix #5)

One day - if I get remotely good at surfing and get over my fear of the ocean.

So probably never.



I Need to See This (Nick's Picks for Pix #4)

I'm thinking Oscar-worthy.



Way Too Many Beers (Nick's Picks for Pix #3)

Thankfully, I have never run into this problem.



Canopy Dress (Nick's Picks for Pix #2)

Do you have to hire people to help you walk down the isle? How would the groom kiss the bride? Too many questions.



Too Many Beers (Nick's Picks for Pix #1)

Probably a bad decision. Did he do this himself?



Embarkation ( Bon Voyage to Nick!)

Hello All!

I am about to embark on an amazing journey for spring break - to somewhere in the tropics.

I am finally going to turn my brain off for awhile- and just read some good books and get some good sun; and in doing this hopefully figure out my life.

But don't worry! I'll still be having posts saved to be posted for you, and the best thing is - they'll have a theme!

They'll be called - "Interesting Pictures Nick Danger Found on the InterWeb"

Maybe it's too long.

So how about - "Nick Danger's Interesting Pictures"

Nah... "Nix's Pix!"

That's totally it.

Tune in starting tomorrow for some awesome-ness!

Bon Voyage, to Me!




Recently I finished Yes Man.

Now, not the movie, but rather the book written by Danny Wallace, about his real-life experience of saying Yes - to everything.

It's a great book, and even though I loved the movie, I think it's much better than the movie. It's much more realistic, and the movie seemed to just take the concept and run with it - leaving the book a unique experience un-replicated by modern cinema.

Read it. It's actually motivating, and really really enjoyable. The English humour takes a bit to catch on at first, but after a few chapters it becomes natural and in due to time you begin to want some English tea every time you read it.

So, say YES to this post, and go and buy this book. It's brilliant, and as some critic said sometime about it - it actually has the ability to change your life.


(awesome signature here)

Nick Danger


The Crossword is Hard as Hell

Today I attempted to do a New York Times Crossword Puzzle.

Today I failed at completing a New York Times Crossword Puzzle.

Even thought it's early on in the week, its extremely difficult.

I feel like I'm having Deja Vu right now, which is weird. But back to the story.

The puzzle is full of things you don't normally store in your brain, but after seeing "Kicking and Screaming" (1995's by Noah Baumbach) a few times - I decided that it would a good habit to pick up.

So today started my journey, and I perhaps inevitably ran into failure, but it's still cool - because I learned an Eagle's Nest is also know as a Eyrie.

To the Crossword!

PS - even Spell Check didn't know what an Eyrie was!