"I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell"

After I read books, I always write in the back (with the exception of classic hardcovers) the exact time, date, and place I finished them, and my thoughts on them.

These are my notes after I read I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max:

"Book Finished 3:44 / 3:45 PM on Weds., 4/29/09, [hall name] at Hofstra, NY.
   Thoughts-> Tucker Max is potentially the worse person to have ever lived (discounting Hitler, murders, and actual killers) so I guess he is the worse non-law breaker in history.

   That being said, this book is hilarious & addicting, but still makes me thank God that people exist that aren't him. He makes me never want to drink/smoke again, and wait until marriage for sex."

That's what I wrote. This book made me laugh out loud many times, but also made me disgusted about every 6 words.

So check it out if your up for it, but if you aren't, stay away.

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