I'm Back! - Nick's Trip to Curaçao

Hey all, I just arrived back from an amazing trip to the island of Curaçao in the Netherlands Antillies!

It was awesome. Just 45 miles off the coast of Venezuela, it was warm as hell - which is a great change for someone based out of New York.

The island isn't as well known as it's Dutch counterparts- Aruba and Bonaire - and I'm not totally sure why. Inhabited by only 140,796 people (Thank you, Wikipedia), it is the largest of the ABC islands, with 144 square miles (thanks again) of space.

The largest city/town on the island is Williamsted, which is oddly more European than you'd assume. With a floating bridge, alleyway shopping and Amsterdam-style Cafes, it's obviously that the Dutch haven't left the island out to dry.

Half (or probably more) of the tourists there were Dutch, and from this I have deduced I will never be able to speak they're language.

But the cool thing about Curaçao and the other ABC islands is that they speak a language entirely unique - Papiamentu (or Papiamento, in Aruba) which is a combination of English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Indian Tounges, which linguistically dates them back to all of the countries that have settled there throughout history.

The island is beautiful. My family and I rented out a Jeep Wrangler (all the tourists get white ones, so I guess people knew what was coming when we started driving) and gave the island a tour.

Once you leave the more heavily populated area of Williamsted, the island is almost empty. The hills and terrain roll for uninterrupted miles and the beaches are very secluded. In fact, we may have found treasure on one of them (looks like a silver Galleon or something, but it could defiantly be fake) and the people were great.

Overall, the island seemed to be a combination of the Caribbean, Europe, and it's landscape reminded me a lot of Hawaii - specifically the islands of Maui and Kaua'i.

The only downside is that prostitution is legal there, and according to my wikipedia search, the island holds the largest open-air brothel of the entire Caribbean.

But I never saw it, and I think we only saw one prostitute, which is good.

Oh, and the drinking age is 18, and they import a brand of bear called Polar from Venezuela, and it's awesome.

So overall, my trip to Curaçao was great. I suggest the island to any and all travelers interested in the Caribbean.

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