I know I might be late on this, but if you haven't already heard of Jaydiohead - you need too.

Mixed by Max Tannone (formerly known as Minty Fresh Productions), the album mixes Jay-Z's words with Radiohead's music.

Reminiscent of course of DJ Danger Mouse's The Grey Album, which mixed Jay-Z's Black Album with The Beatles White Album, it brought the mash-up genre into the limelight, and they have since remained in the public eye with acts like Girl Talk, an artist whose music is entirely made of other peoples music.

Tannone's mix brilliantly marries the two artists beautifully, however opposed their music was to each other's before.

And the best part is, like most mash-ups, it's free.

So Download Max Tennone's Jaydiohead HERE.

And while your at it, download Girl Talk's most recently (and arguably best) album, Feed the Animals - HERE.

And, what the hell, get Danger Mouse's The Grey Album too. HERE it is. This one is harder to get off the internet because The Beatles are probably still pissed about it.

Happy Listening!

-Nick Danger

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