"Naked" Review

No, I am not naked while writing this review.

But instead I'm reviewing a book I recently read, called Naked written by David Sedaris.

Naked is a memoir of sorts, with each chapter being akin to a different essay written on a specific incident, or series of incidents, in Sedaris' life.

It's pretty funny. The author hitchhikes America with a quadriplegic companion, spends his childhood shaking his head as fast as he can to get a headache (among other things, like licking windshields and making high pitched noises for no reason), gets bit by a naked old woman on the first day of his new job at a mental asylum, picks apples in Oregon and in doing so mistakenly befriends a creepy man named Curly who has dozens of fake penises in his room, and so on.

It's full of stories like these, but the book lacked a certain linear quality for me.

I love books of essays, and I love books with full stories - but as this was advertised as a memoir, rather than a book of essays (like his first - Barrel Fever) I felt like something was missing.

Not to mention the author has a habit of leaving us with annoying cliffhangers - or more like stories that just end. When you read 20-30 pages of a essay-like story, and the author just ends it with a cliffhanger, it's annoying as hell.

One other thing that bothered me about the book,  was the graphic description of sex. Sedaris is gay, which is totally cool, but in the book provides a little to much description about sex acts - one line being "a fistful of flesh" comes to mind, which would be nasty in any context - and an incident where he talks of attempting to masturbate to the image of a young man outside (while staying at a nudist colony in Pennsylvania). Acknowledging these events is fine, and story-serving, but his description is to the point where it could probably make any reader uncomfortable.

But on that note, the book is still pretty funny, and is a good read if you need to pass sometime. I wouldn't read it again, but then again there are few books I would, but if you've got sometime to kill and want to laugh a bit - check it out.

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