Just Press Play Article

Hey all!

Check out my article on my Top 5 Summer Albums at JustPressPlay.Net!

Sorry about not updating this more often, but check that shiznat out and I'll be back soon.


Apologies! It's Finals Time!

Hey all,

I realized I've been slacking lately, and I'm very sorry! Schools coming to an end, which of course means mounds of work and finals, so I haven't had much time to post, but don't worry it will happen soon.

I'll probably start posting much more regularly starting in mid-May, when I get back for summer and get things moving into chill mode.

Also, I was just offered (and accepted) a staff position writing for JustPressPlay.Net! I'll be blogging on music, and reviewing both albums and movies for them. They're awesome people and they've got a great site, and I'm really excited to be working with them!

So check them out in the meantime and check back soon and I'll be posting in no time!