Short Scene with Dialouge

I'm going to use this as a chance to point out my work as a filmmaker -

and go to When the Tin Man Needs a Heart, or 01 An Untitled Sonata, if you dig.

They are both screenplays I wrote and later films I directed based on the idea of the importance of conversation.

Please dig!


A Scene of Me Dealing with Publishing-

"What, I need an agent to get published by a big house?"
"But I can't get one if I'm not published?"
"That's a catch 22, you realize that right?"
"Yes, I know you published the book."
"Ye- yeah, you have a good day too."

I hang up the phone, and turn to my Obama-cia.

"Barack, I believe I want to publish my own book - indie style. You dig?"
[implied nod]
[Mental Fist Bump]

I leave.


Hmm.... un-realism

Well, one of the first things I can think of is the scene in Dan Brown's Deception Point, where they find themselves on an oil platform surrounded by hammerhead sharks... as it the critical moment in the story.

Usually, it would through me out of the story, citing the lack of realism as a distraction. But to the contrary, this lack of realism only played with the already extreme tone of the book, and I know only question it years later in retrospect. So I guess Dan Brown is good at that.

Also - the 'black' robots in Transformers 2... I'm not sure if they are just unbelieveable or it was unbelieveable that Michael Bay would actually put them in there... it was pretty racist. Also, Megan Fox's clothes never really get that dirty. Strange...


Projecto numero dos

I fucking hate spanish.

Anyway, here is my tentative idea/outline for project #2.

I am going to adapt my first idea, and create a story in which tension is built between two characers... one of which turns out to be a man, the other, a coffee maker. The tension will come with either the coffeemakers inability to talk, or the man's desire to destroy the coffeemaker because it won't talk. Or a combination of both. I haven't decided.

Anyway, it will resolve itself with either the realization that the man is lonely and crazy, or that the coffee maker is dead and bleeding coffee beans.

That's what I've got for now.



My stengths, weaknesses, influences and goals for improvement... this will be an introspective exercise.

I believe my stengths lie in my ability to create conversational writing, which allows my words to have a distinct voice. Recently, I believe my weaknesses lie in fact that I am not angry enough, or angsty enough, as I like to be. This is my goal, at least recently, is to take my conversational strengths and add a bit of bite into them.

My three favorite authors are - JD Salinger, Hunter S. Thompson, and Chuck Klosterman.

I believe that Klosterman retains a very distinct and conversational voice, which I value. Thompson has a unique voice as well, but his words can hurt, add energy, create tension even when there isn't any. Salinger is, in my opinion, just a perfect writer... with a unique voice and beautiful storytelling technique.

I would love to find myself as some kind of cross between Salinger and HST, which I realize are on opposite ends of the spectrum... but I believe it can be done.