My stengths, weaknesses, influences and goals for improvement... this will be an introspective exercise.

I believe my stengths lie in my ability to create conversational writing, which allows my words to have a distinct voice. Recently, I believe my weaknesses lie in fact that I am not angry enough, or angsty enough, as I like to be. This is my goal, at least recently, is to take my conversational strengths and add a bit of bite into them.

My three favorite authors are - JD Salinger, Hunter S. Thompson, and Chuck Klosterman.

I believe that Klosterman retains a very distinct and conversational voice, which I value. Thompson has a unique voice as well, but his words can hurt, add energy, create tension even when there isn't any. Salinger is, in my opinion, just a perfect writer... with a unique voice and beautiful storytelling technique.

I would love to find myself as some kind of cross between Salinger and HST, which I realize are on opposite ends of the spectrum... but I believe it can be done.

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